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Preparing for Lent -- Introducing Prayerful Reflections 2022

Prayerful Reflections is a daily resource for connecting with God and the larger Christian community during the season of Lent, the 45 days prior to Easter. Christians around the world practice Lent as a way to meditate/reflect on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how Jesus influences our lives today.

We invite you to join us during the season of Lent (March 2, 2022-April 17) for daily reflections on scripture. Inspired by the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, or sacred listening, we will Read the Bible, Reflect on the message, Respond to what we have heard, and Rest in the love of God. This devotional could be read independently or with a community. If you would like to connect virtually, the reflections are posted daily at with opportunities to comment.

You are welcome to share this free resource with anyone you like, just send them the link and they will be able to download a free PDF version of Prayerful Reflections: A Daily Devotional for Lent 2022.

Ground of Being by Emily John Garces

I started publishing Prayerful Reflections in 2021 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new reality of socially-distanced churches. An online devotional seemed like the appropriate way for Christians from around the world to connect in their shared identity in Christ, especially during Lent and Advent.

I also published Prayerful Reflections out of a deep yearning to share my thoughts about God and to amplify the voices of female theologians. You will notice that all 45 authors presented in this devotional are women. Jesus called women to proclaim the Good News to the world, not just to women or children, but also to men. So although this devotional is written by all women, it is meant for ALL people.

The theologies and interpretations of scripture held in these pages are valuable and worth reading and investing your time and thought. The women represented in Prayerful Reflections are pastors, chaplains, authors, spiritual directors, teachers and community leaders. We range in age, ethnicity, race, denominational background, political and theological stances, and are from varied locations across North America and Europe. What do we have in common? We all follow Jesus and have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to share the insight God has given us through scripture.

I want to thank all of the women who made this volume of Prayerful Reflections possible. Your time, thought, prayers and insight are invaluable. I also want to thank the family and friends that supported me and all of the authors, so that we could have the time and space to contribute to this book.

Your sister in Christ, Julia Styles

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