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Seeking Wisdom: How to Recognize and Respond to the Holy Spirit



using your imagination, picture the Israelites of Acts 2 celebrating Pentecost…

All of a sudden they heard a loud roar of wind and witnessed the apostles of Jesus speaking in their native tongue. It must have been very confusing and disorienting to witness something so unusual. How could they know that what happened was from God?  Peter preached about King David’s prophecy of a resurrection of the Messiah, and the words pierced their hearts as they recognized that Jesus was the Messiah, and what they witnessed at Pentecost was the Holy Spirit. 

The Spirit can work in mysterious ways. Sometimes the movements of God can feel disorienting and challenge the way we live out our faith. Other times people claim to be led by the Spirit, but are motivated by their own desires. 

How can we determine if what we experience is from the Holy Spirit? Like the Israelites in Acts 2, we can discern if something is led by the Holy Spirit when it aligns with scripture and reflects the character of Jesus.


Do you feel that the Holy Spirit is calling you to take action, but wondering if the call is really from God? Consider if what you feel called to do is in alignment with Christ's teaching. If so, you can be confident to move forward.


God, thank you for scripture, for the life of Jesus, and for the power of the Holy Spirit. May I use all three when discerning what is true, good and right.  When I discern the right path forward, give me the boldness to take steps in that direction. Amen.

About the Author

Julia Styles is an ordained reverend with the Federation of Christian Ministries and a Spiritual Director and Leadership Coach. If you are seeking discernment, sacred listening may be a helpful tool. Sign up for a free consultation with Julia today.

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