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Prayerful Reflections for Advent & Christmas 2023

Connect with the Divine during the Advent & Christmas season, December 1 - January 5.

Prayerful Reflections is a Christian devotional with daily scripture and opportunities to read, reflect, respond and rest in the Word of God. Written by 35 diverse women from around North America, this resource will connect you to God and the broader Christian community.


Meeting with a spiritual director can be a meaningful step to help you find wholeness and balance in life, not to mention connect with the Divine. Church is not the only sacred space, and the Bible is not the only holy text; your own living room, and the text of your life are also sacred.  


 In spiritual direction, I hold (sacred) space for you to discover God’s holy presence in all areas of life. No question, doubt or feeling is off limits. As we practice the counter-cultural act of deep listening, you will be met with compassion, curiosity and confidentiality. 


Whether you are making a big decision, re-examining and re-shaping your faith, or looking for healthy spiritual practices, I am here to be your spiritual companion.

Holding Hands
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Julia is a trained Spiritual Director and ordained minister. She gained her theological training from North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL, where she received her Masters in Christian Ministry and Certificates in Intercultural Studies and Spiritual Direction. 


With over 10 years in full-time ministry, and 10 years as a volunteer leader within the church, Julia understands the complexities of serving others in a faith context, and specializes in spiritual direction for those in Christian leadership, as well as those in the spiritual wilderness, who may be re-examining and re-shaping their faith.

Julia is ordained in the Fellowship of Christian Ministries, and seeks to provide a welcoming space for all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. She has experience working with dozens of denominations from Pentecostals to Presbyterians, Evangelicals to Universalists, Catholics to Covenanters. 

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