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Wisdom in Diversity



Where do you seek wisdom and understanding? Proverbs 8 says that Wisdom calls out to us, and Understanding raises her voice on the hilltop, along the road, and at the city gates. We can find wisdom all around us and it would be foolish to shut it out. In today’s divided society, it is easy to find stories that amplify our own point of view while shutting out alternate perspectives. But wisdom asks us to widen our focus.

When we cast our net a bit wider and listen to the stories of people who are different from us—that have a different ethnicity, gender, sexuality, economic standing, political leaning or religious view, we can start to understand their perspectives and recognize our own assumptions and biases. Listening and embracing other perspectives deepens our

understanding of God.


Where is God calling you to seek further understanding or empathy? Consider how God may be calling you to expand the diversity of stories you hear, and the people that surround you.

Don't know where to start? Here are a few resources I enjoy that expand my worldview and deepen my wisdom:

Chasing Justice: Your guide to see God's goodness for our world and learn to live justly. Includes numerous blogs and podcasts from the perspective of leaders of color.

Turth's Table: A podcast by black women and for black women, where we tackle politics, race, culture, and gender issues through a Christian lens

Queer Theology: LGBTQ Christian Resources

The Junia Project: Advocating for Women's Equality in the Church

Sojourners: Sojourners is an ecumenical Christian media and advocacy organization that works towards social and racial justice

Faith Adjacent: The podcast where we try to understand the modern dynamics of faith through a combined commitment to uncomfortable honesty, authentic weirdness, and critical thinking.

The Bible for Normal People: Their mission is to bring the best in biblical scholarship to everyday people

This list is far from complete. If you have a wisdom resource you'd like to share, leave a message in the comments.


God of all nations, tongues and tribes, put people and influences in my path that would help me to better appreciate your Majesty and better understand the world you created. Give me the wisdom to know what responsibility I have in bringing your Kingdom here on Earth. Amen.

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