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An Advent Reflection for Tuesday, November 30 by Gillie Abdiraxman-Issa

Lectionary reading for 11/30/2021: Psalm 90; Numbers 17:1-11; Revelation 22:12-16

Selected passage for reflection: Revelation 22:12-16


Revelation 22:12-16 (New Life Version)

Jesus Testifies to the Churches

12 “See! I am coming soon. I am bringing with Me the reward I will give to everyone for what he has done.

13 I am the First and the Last. I am the beginning and the end.

14 Those who wash their clothes clean are happy (who are washed by the blood of the Lamb). They will have the right to go into the city through the gates. They will have the right to eat the fruit of the tree of life.

15 Outside the city are the dogs. They are people who follow witchcraft and those who do sex sins and those who kill other people and those who worship false gods and those who like lies and tell them.

16 “I am Jesus. I have sent My angel to you with these words to the churches. I am the beginning of David and of his family. I am the bright Morning Star.”


To know God and his spirit is such an honor. I remember waiting in line at church for my turn to hear a special word from the Lord, and would be so disappointed when it was something that didn’t draw me closer to his spirit. Now, after years of growing weary of messages, I found a way to hear something specific to me…By listening to worship music, I discovered God’s heartbeat for me. I would find myself listening to God all day and enjoying his company. I would dance, cry, lament and rejoice again. I knew that staying close to God and discovering what his instructions were, as written in his Good Book, was the light that I needed in a dark world.

Believe me, I have had my share of dark thoughts and sinful nature, but God has always offered a chance to get it better and eventually, right. Nevertheless, we all know the time is coming when all of our past and our present collide. The sins we have committed and our ability to surrender to the One who saved us will separate us. In today’s selected scripture, God sends one final warning by his angel to let us know to get ready. Analyze your past and get ready. “How?” You may ask. Well, simple. Worship God as he described earlier in this chapter and concern yourself with keeping your “coat” clean. Take heed to his prophetic words and do not put the Good Book away on the shelf, but continually be in his presence and abide in him.


Spend some time this week in reflection of how you may have put away the words of direction given by the Lord. Perhaps, you may have received a correction, or you have had an opportunity to forgive but didn’t follow through. Whatever the case may be, re-evaluate your relationship with God.

Ask God to send an angel to greet you and speak to you about what concerns him about your future. Take a walk but don’t listen to music. Breathe in God’s goodness, and listen to his whisper in your ear. Repent, and ask that you be washed clean so that when he comes you can be ready.

Bonus: Listen to this as a start-- Shana Wilson Williams & Chris Degen - "My Worship"


Lord, I honor you, you are so good. I thank you for your wisdom, grace, knowledge, and power. You have given us so much grace, thank you! Thank you for sending warnings and corrections when we are stained. Heal our nation. Teach me how to bear fruit often, and be a tree of life. Forgive me, Lord. I also ask that my family repents for generations to come for any evil doing. May you be exalted and honored forevermore.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

About the Author

Gillie is a trained Spiritual Director and a Life and Business Concierge. You can find her leading workshops/retreats, hosting prayer moments with the Divine, sharing her joy of writing inspiring messages, or teaching journal exercises for all ages. She is a fun-loving dance and cooking enthusiast who has been married to the love of her life, T'Chaka for 15 years. Gillie is truly a #Boymom to Zavier, Ethan, Hunter, and Ka’Marion ages 13, 10, 3, and 2. Gillie received her Bachelor of Science from Tuskegee University and has certificates of higher learning from the University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Education and North Park Theological Seminary. Follow her inspiring messages on Instagram! @gillieissa

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1 Comment

melanie myatt
melanie myatt
Nov 30, 2021

”our ability to surrender to the One who saved us”—It should be a no-brainer to surrender to the one who saved us. God‘s willingness to save us means that God is infinitely trustworthy. Yet, I still have the temptation to take matters into my own hands.

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