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Trinity Sunday

A reflection by Sheli Sloterbeek


"For the almighty truth of the Trinity is our Father, for he made us and keeps us in him.

And the deep wisdom of the Trinity is our Mother, in whom we are enclosed.

And the high goodness of the Trinity is our Lord, and in him we are enclosed and he in us."

-Julian of Norwich-


I didn't grow up with the church calendar, but, one of the reasons I've grown to love it is for the rhythms it holds us to.

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday. And in its essence, celebrates the Mystery of faith and unity on and of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I've been drawn to the Mystery throughout the years, never really knowing why. But now I can understand that the Trinity, that deep wisdom, is exactly why.

With an open heart to not understand, to be unknowing, just to remain enclosed in Mystery.

20 years ago I traveled to Ireland and found this beautiful necklace. There was something about it. The way the Trinity was above the relationship of humanity - the hands (the claddaggh) touching, enjoined, covering. I wear it every day (it has its own crazy story which perhaps some day I'll tell).

And the tattoo was my first. It's close to my heart (literally and figuratively). It was no whim. I thought for years of what I might place on my physical body for the rest of its days. Even if the skin stretches and droops down it will still be a trinity. Time and physical body cannot undo its way - its essence.

I don't understand it. And I'm so glad I cannot. For if I could understand it then it could not be God. I relax into the fog, the gentle cloudiness of Mystery and Love.

Respond and Rest

What would it be like for you to sit in the mystery and unknowing of God?

A practical way to do this is to practice centering prayer, a christian contemplative practice of silent prayer for twenty minutes. Learn more at

About the Author

Sheli Sloterbeek is a spiritual director, yoga instructor and contemplative artist. You can read her musings and take her classes at

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